Specialty software for Food Industry

Developed for Microsoft Azure

Finally a Product that provides Cost optimization to the Food business by bringing clarity on the different factors that affect Cost and cause Variation using state of the art Microsoft .net development tools targeting Microsoft Azure platform.

Prism Technology Solutions offers a simple yet a robust product to manage all complex algorithms that go into calculating Actual Cost in the food industry. The product caters to multiple segments of the food industry such as Food Processing Units, Institutional & Industrial Caterers, Bakeries, Restaurants. Given the uniqueness of each of the segments above, the product is versatile and has features packed to accommodate all the practical challenges in the Planning, Executing and Completion phases of the industry. The key differentiating factor of the product is that the business flows incorporated is in line with the standard business processes of the industry in each segment.


Welcome to SaaS for Institutional Catering

Institutions across the world are faced with a challenge to provide quality food at a budgeted cost.       The challenge for most Caterers is to arrive at a budget complete in all aspects. This means to pin down all cost factors that affect food cost and then fix the budget . Given the complexity of humanly arriving at the various factors, the budget is never precise. Prism 's product       algorithm addresses close to 40 such factors that affect food cost in an institution. This will ensure that the budget arrived using the baseline from Prism product is accurate.       From then on , the product provides all necessary alerts and reports for tracking variations from the budgeted cost.       The best part, the variations can be tracked session wise , day wise or even week wise. 

No surprises at the end of the academic year!


Welcome to SaaS for Industrial Catering

For industrial caterers , it is always about the pricing strategy for their menu across all seasons. Notwithstanding the raw material       price fluctuations , they need to be profitable under all conditions. Now they can bank on our product to provide coordinates on their profitability.       A thorough traceability of costs from the stage of raw material to finished good       , offers clarity to the caterers for timely decisions.